Created on 09-10-2014


Keith spotted these a few weeks ago and was kind enough to link me over to them and I am glad he did. This is the knid of history that we really need to capture, since it is a wonderful part of the unknown legacy of these games.


These were posted for sale in New Albany, which is essentially Louisville Kentucky




Now what do you do if you’re a operator/owner and the games are being outlawed and banned, you’re loosing your investment, loosing income, loosing your market, being fined – etc. One “Crackdown” after another and you’re sick of it!


Well, the U.S. is also changing in many other ways: The economy has grown considerably, the population along with it. A Baby Boom is underway, kids are everywhere and a lot of people with a lot more disposable income are walking the streets. The American Dream is in full swing and New is Cool. Arcades and bowling alleys, once a venue for men only, are opening up to families now.


Whole new markets awaiting to be tapped, Hell even Bally is releasing the Ohio Dime games with Carnival and Clown themes. If you are thinking, you are looking the inevitable right in the face:


The “Days-of-the-Bingos” are just about finished, so what do you do……