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 ~ What is/was the biggest payout ever on a Bingo? ~



From: Donellllll
Subject: Biggest payouts on 5 & 10 cent pins
Date: 2000-12-17 11:19:10 PST
Old timers memory test. What is the biggest cash payout you ever got on a nickel or /dime pinball and howl? Please separate Bingos

from 5 ball "score" games. Score- .05-- $.45 (9 hit on 1949 Melody-Super special when lit hit). Bingo -.10 - $32 equivalent in Belgium

Francs. 5 in a line doubled on a Bingo. I'm sure others can easily top these hits. Anybody ever hit the $45 "Feature" on a one ball?

What's your best?
Best holiday memories,
Don L.



From: Phil Bogema
Subject: Re: Biggest payouts on 5 & 10 cent pins
Date: 2000-12-27 19:50:15 PST

On the bingos, the best hit I ever had was something around 1,000 nickels. It was on a 20
holer and I remember the game was Safari; I hit the number 4 to win, but I don't remember what the exact hit was. Getting old, I guess.

My dad (who is 82 now) has been telling a story for years that we're all sick of now. He went into a drugstore in Maryland in about 1944,

put a nickel in a one ball machine, and hit for 900 games. He doesn't know the name of the machine, but he asked some kid if they paid

out. The kid said "If they know you." My dad said, "For 5 bucks you know me," and cleared 40 dollars out of the deal!


... dollar, that is a pretty good deal. I know that the 25-hole pinball machines certainly
never paid back 75 cents on the dollar. Gosh, you were lucky if you got ...






Now read through my pages a bit and you’ll see that Phil knows and remembers the Bingos`


The maximum Bally payouts were all over the place:


Early bally games like Bright Lights was 200, later Bahama Beach and most of the Mystic Line

games were 600, and toward the end-of-days Continental came in as the big-dog at 2400.


United games were all from the 50s, the Early Days, and all of United’s machines paid 200 max

except for Pixies which was stepped up at 300 and Rodeo which lagged behind at 75.














…the Bingos`
























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