This one made me smile, a Behemoth of a Bingo!


From: John Sizemore <dan72sattalite>

To: Danny Leach <bingopinballs>

Sent: Tuesday, June 7, 2016 11:12 PM

Subject: Re: bingos

      Hello, John D from TN here.... A long while back, when I bought my first Bally bingo, I looked all over the internet trying to find out how much a Bally bingo machine actually weighs, cause I needed to know how big of a hydro-table to buy,  and I couldn't find anything on it. . So I gave up and decided to ask Phil Hooper and he told me that the average bingo machine weighs about 375 lbs. or a little more.....Just lately I finally  found printed evidence of the weight of one of these machines on the Bally'a Hawaii bingo Flyer...At the bottom of the Flyer it says the machine weighs 443 lbs. But the Hawaii machine is such a behemoth of a game, likely the biggest of them all, I think Phil was right on target with his answer....I love looking up information and quirky facts about these great machines. Now I understand why you started your website, because there's a  unique pleasure you derive from it all...      Talk to you later        Dan


Hawaii Illuminated Upper Playfield

_ Courtesy Hans Balk _











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