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Well for sure there is a story behind these Green Diamond bingos, Wimi must have made 1000s of these`


I have seen these in Italy, America, Germany, and Belgium and it’s my guess that got export to a few other places too`



If you have one of these, please post some pictures of the Score Cards - Please send them to me, Phil, or the IPDB`





Image 1


Now take a real close look at this one; that Wimi logo has been replaced (covered over) by one that says: “Skill Pins”

An American company named Collins imported 100s of these into the States`














Courtesy Larry Lemmerman, smile`





Green Diamond BG - June 2010.jpg





green diamond red banner 1.png


…the Netherlands and another compamy gets involved; that is niether the Wimi nor Skill Pins logo…




















































_ Stay tuned _