Well in 2010 I posted my 388 page and my next postings for these Golden Gate Bingos were all in 2016,

when I posted three pages: Golden Gate Euro, Golden Gate, and Golden Gate ??

I must have been a bit perplexed, laugh


Well, there was a reason and it seems the IPDB was also tracking Sirmo and wondering about these Bingos.

Wondering about the four machines they have posted, the inconsistencies and not having all of the answers.


Now the IPBD is sharp and they noticed that the most easily recognized differences between the

machines is in the space between Card 1 and Card 4 on the backglass.


Well I have rewritten this page four times in as many days. Still wondering about these machines and what

we know and do not know – I keep coming back to the IPDB’s naming convention and what it might mean!


Here in 2017, they note (4) Variations of the Bingo:


Here in 2017, the Sirmo website still posts (2) Golden Gate models:


Which both state “4 different types of games”… Even though one has three yellow ovals in that

center “Press to Select” bonus feature and one has four…




So what do the flyers tell us?

This one from my files, was dated 2002 when I saved it, and it was clearly a scan someone made to

share on the Internet. Not real helpful, but it does clear-up the confusion on my pages and the IPDB’s about

the 1000-factor – That seems to be about “technology” verses the machines and Bingo Features,



Aeneas sent this flyer below to Phil, the IPDB, and myself one day,





Now this speaks to “3 different types of games”

So, is that where the IPDB gets their two references (3-Game) / (4-Game) - etc

At the bottom of each of their posts, the Source is listed as “sirmogames.com” _ Hmmm!





For now, until we know more, until we have more definitive intelligence, laugh, I am going to

post the four different machine I have pictures of as:


Golden Gate

Golden Gate 2

Golden Gate Euro

Golden Gate 388


Man, I hope there is more – I really love this Bingo!