Bingo Pinballs

Created on 11-21-2015 _ Last Update 12-12-2015



Now I had this bingo posted with a few others in 7-01-2011 as a family of games and it very well maybe!


That odd Magic Number feature left-of-center was used on Wimi’s 1990 Miss Belgium Turbo and the Star-Burst writing around the game name bares a resemblance to the Miss Bowling Golden artwork as well as the Golden Sixties Turbo!


…but overall, these features are not one-to-one with either bingo pinball, especially with that odd Bonus Box.







Now toss in the Sirmo Miss Americana playfield from 1984 and that odd bank of meters and I am not too sure what we got here or who it’s from – Sirmo was including the word Golden in their game names, but perhaps an unknown smaller player was involved somewhere in there too.










































Some more unknown Belgium History