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Created 5-02-2012 _ Last update 9-10-2016


6-Card Bingo Pinball Basics


Now very few of the 6-Card bingos have Score Instruction Cards _ Bally’s Nashville and Dixieland both have them, but I only know of one offshore game has any and that is Georgia Gold, which is a modified Wimi Green Diamond.


The good news is that most of these bingos have the same general layout and operation, so we can use the S/I Cards we do have to get the basic gist of the games coin play, layout, and common features.


Now the biggest change in the 6-card games is that they do not have Advancing Odds during Coin Play and that the Coin Play is fixed to a maximum numbers of coins _ Now although said, the bingos really do have different odds that increase and they control that by progressively increase the odds on each card and you can see this on the Bally S/I Cards



Now the increase in payout really isn’t that big, but it was large enough to entice players to insert more coins _ These Bally bingos started out as dime machines and were pretty quickly converted over to quarter machines, so part of the Backglass design was to be very vocal (upfront) in telling the players what their coins we paying for. At a nickel a pop, the earlier bingos could have random advance, but at the higher cost _ Bally knew they had to have advance for every coin played.


Coins 1-thru-6 enabled the 6 cards one at a time and coin 7 and the others enabled the Special Features.


Check out all of the white boxes in the center of the Backglass!


Bally’s headline on the Dixieland flyer read: “11 COINS, 6 CARD BINGO, GAURANTESS PLAYER ACTION”


11 nickels = 55 cents, 11 dimes = $1.10, and 11 quarters = $2.75 a big big increase for that period!



The 7th and 8th coins add the Red Diagonals Lines in play, the 9th and 10th coins add the Magic Numbers into play,


The 11th coin just ads the double-double. The rest of the stuff happens randomly. The rollovers, the four corners and the super lines all light randomly through the random disk (and reflex of course) regardless of how many cons are played.


 When the magic number lights, it doesn't spot that number on every card. It lights up to show you what number is the magic number. If you pot that number, then and only then can you get double or double-double on the cards where that feature is lit.  So on your screen shot the 7 and 9 is lit. The guy potted the seven so all cards pay double. Cards four and five pay double-double. (oddly enough those are the two cards he hit on. Probably why that picture was taken.)


Now the Double Double feature is great, where all in-line scores are counted and they payouts aere doubled, on some of these 6-Card games, only the best score is registered _ Not all 6 cards!


For Super Lines, they are random and only enabled after the 1st ball is shot _ They may or may not light up at all. Although said, many of the machines will light all of the Super Lines as one of the Rollover features.


The Magic Number is just that: What is also cool about this feature, is that the Magic Numbers are Super Line numbers on cards 3 and 6



Now these 1978 Bally Basics are still the general format for most of the European bingos still being designed today!!


The TFT Computer Graphic games have started to move the bingos away from this base-design, but for 32+ years now, the 6-Card games have pretty much held fast to this layout _ The main changes seen between each new release, being one-or-two Special Games per bingo confined to the center area of the Backglass _ Sometimes tied to the new game-name!



Green Diamond is a good example, where they add in 13th coin play, a Mystery Score feature, and their main Green Diamond feature, which pays out for 4 Diamonds on any card _ The cards center-point numbers and Ballyhole are all diamonds!






Most of the 6-Cards bingos use the center-points too _ In most cases referring to them as Stars _ Star Feature!



The Skill Pin games we see here in the States are all converted Belgium bingos and most of them have custom S/I Cards attached that look pretty detailed _ I have some good photos the Troll sent to me!


One day I’ll type em up and post here!

















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