Bingo Pinballs

Created on 6-08-2010 _ Last Update 11-14-2015


~ Until this date: Neither the IPDB nor Phil’s site contained any pictures for these Sirmo Bingos ~


~ Phil has the Golden Gate listed as a 1999 machine, but I suspect that Sirmo released several of these and this first one much later ~



~ The image below is the promo Sirmo posted on their website – This pin was only offered in Belgium ~






~ Now the flyers for these machines can be a bit deceiving – Seeben is Sirmo’s #1 distributor ~





~ That’s the Sirmo logo in the upper-left corner of the backglass ~


~ The “EURO” games are all new within the last year (>2008) and it means the machines accept the common European denominations ~











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