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Created on 12-15-2015


 Love of the games, new memories and old!


Frank recently picked himself a Sweet Bingo!


Had a bit of help from a guy out in New Jersey, who recently has been helping to sell a few Bingos on Dianna’s


…and with a little help from some Buddies, Frank fixed a couple of bugs and is now Rock’in and Rolling


_ Very Cool _


From: Frank Yantosca <frankcopyca

To: 'Danny Leach' <bingopinball

Sent: Sunday, December 13, 2015 3:53 PM

Subject: RE: I Bought My First Golden Gate Bingo Machine


Actually the “slick salesman” told me of your website.  He said it was one of the best Bingo sites online, so he can’t be all bad.  It’s a Bingo, he played it for hours before I got there and I played it for a few hours after I arrived at the home in So. Jersey where the machine was located _ So, I bought it!


It played fine for both of us with only one bug; The Gate came on along with the OK.  He wasn’t sure if that was correct and I hadn’t played one in 35 years so I couldn’t remember either way.  What good did come of this came later when I asked a guy in my apt. building who I knew was an electrician if he knew a pinball mechanic.  Turns out his friend was but did not work on bingos but his older partner had for 20 years and it was like riding a bike.  Plus his partner was a mechanic who didn’t mind explaining what he was doing and why it did what it did and in 15 minutes he noticed the control motor had stopped spinning.  He pulled it and took it apart and found the lead gear was a composite gear and had 1” section of teeth sheared off.  He explained that as my machine was getting progressively more buggy once I got it home was most likely a few more teeth would shear off creating havoc in some other feature that was run by the control motor until it finally died.


The supply house the new mechanic uses for juke boxes and other pinball parts had been open 55 years and had a control motor sitting on the shelf which he got for $70 so I’m up and running.  He disconnected the GATE Purple Section so I could play the OK and all is mostly ok now.  He will come back after the new year and trace down the short that is causing the Gate problem and assures me he will find and fix that as well.  He is also teaching me how to trace shorts by reading the schematic and the .voltage meter which will be helpful in the future.  Now the machine doesn’t seem so daunting like it did a month ago.


I included a few pics of landing a 192-OK.  Saw a 120 watching machines around town but never saw a 192 until I owned my own machine.  Now I get to play them!


Later man….Frank






_ I wish I could have see the ball placement, before he cashed out _ 3-in-Line in the Yellow _ Odds Maxed _




_ Sweet _






My guess: 13,21,3










Is this a quarter machine!


























_ Thanks Brother _