Bingo Pinballs

Created on 04-29-2014 _ Last update 12-31-2015

I wanted to start talking about the 2-Card Bingos, because just like their 6-Card cousins, many people think these machines are all the same!


…the day I found this Golden Games picture below, really kicked it off for me. This is the “absolute worst” picture, but it clearly shows a set of features I had never noticed before that is unique to the 2-Card games _ There is one on each side of the backglass and together they are very powerful. The left one lets you “Restart” the game after the first ball and the right one allows you to “Restart” the game after the second ball.


In effect, giving you two balls at the “beginning” of the game to let you decide if you want to proceed!


Do you have the right odds, features, the best ball position – etc.


_ Pretty Awesome _


In a away this is kind of like Phil’s Extend Time Play he refers to, with just a slight twist it’s being at the start of the game!









 _  as kids, we used to play some silly game were you first yelled “Ready-Set-Go”  before you started – laugh _