Bingo Pinballs

Created on 7-03-2010 _ Last Updated 2-21-2016


~ Going for the Gold to help explain away The Dead Years  ~




_ Introducing Golden Games by Sirmo _





Golden Line game, 4 Corners game on Main Card, Striped Diagonal game on Extra Card, two Restart opportunities,

multiple Star Games, Super D Line scoring, color-based Magic Numbers game, and Coin Value credit – Packed!


_ Now check out the playfield and get close and take a look at those two young Cowgirls _




_ I have a couple other playfields with them on it, without the oil wells, and associated with another 2-Card and an unidentified 6-Card game! _





















~ Check out the faint writing under the word games in the game name – “by SIRMO Games” ~























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