Bingo Pinballs

Created on 01-13-2016


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From: campgames <campgames@>


Date: Monday, March 15, 2010, 1:29 PM




This past Saturday March 13th 2010 i had 20+ pinball collectors from NJ, PA, NY, and CT over my place to see/play my collection of 32 EM machines. These guys all know i have 5 Bally bingo pinball machines in mix of my collection and wanted to learn how to play the bingo's. Ok, i forced them to listen to me speak about the bingo's and kind of made it mandatory that they hear me out or they wouldn't play my 27 flipper pinball - I gave the guys a lesson and history about the bingo's and saw some interested minds so i poured it on while i saw the opening.


When the lesson was over they wanted me to play a game on my Bally Gay Time to show them how i play a bingo. Before i started my game i said to everyone that i will try to hit a 5 in a line for them, but explained it isn't easy to do, especially on your 1st game. Well to make a long story short i needed the 17 for 5 in a line and got it for a 300 game payout.


After about an hour or so some of the guys that came later to the gathering heard about the 5 in a line i hit and wanted to know if i would play another game on the Gay Time to try to hit again for 5 in line. When i stood before the Gay Time for my second attempt at trying to hit for 5 in a line i thought it isn't going to be easy to do but i will try my best. Well again i set myself up for a shot at the 24 for 5 in a line and got it!


I must say that i did have the Magic Pockets and Magic Lines lit on both games i played. This helped a great deal in making the 5 in a line scores.






Magic Pockets and Magic Lines both enabled _ ChaChing!


_ So Vic could basically push the holes 1-though-7 to the left-or-right before shooting the 4th ball _


(six either way)




_ he could push 4-of the-5 lines up-or-down before shooting the 4th Ball _


So, he nails a bunch of the Baby-Holes (the 1,5,7,2) and then just needs to worry about the last two rows and the bottom three lines Ah, Bingo!







This Lady is a 1955 _ My Era!






























_ he might of also hit the 25-Spotted on the 2nd-game! _