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In 2011, I was delighted to meet up with Mr. Gary King from Ohio and since then, he has been great about staying in touch with me and

in providing some wonderful bingo detail and in helping us all to get on top of the digital bingo pinballs.


As you will clearly see, while you are reading through all of my recently posted “Programming Pages” _ Gary is an established bingo-collector,

a true fan, and one of the just very cool people you see associated with these games!!


~ Thank you Gary _ Awesome Brother!! ~




Here are a couple of emails from Gary:


From: Gary King <gking19@>
To: Danny Leach <bingopinball>
Sent: Monday, July 25, 2011 10:43 AM
Subject: Re: sirmo service box


Hi Danny -


I'll try to get a video of the attract mode on Continental sometime this weekend when I'm finished with work for this week. I forget

how long it took to start, but it seemed like it was about 3 minutes in between light sequences. There were 4 patterns that I noticed. 

I think pattern 3 or 4 spells "S I R M O --" with one character per card.  

Night - Gary.


Well not only did Gary make that video, he has taken the time to shoot a few others and post them on youTube:



Hi Danny –


10 minutes after I went to bed I heard knocking on my door, and it was the guy with my package from Belgium. Service box and a manual (in French) for the conversion of a Dallas to a Golden Nugget, that shows what memory locations control different functions. It’s from 10-1985. The guy I got it from included a nice letter inside. He’s going to have someone program a web page for him sometime next year, so he can put some bingo stuff on it.










~ Well clearly we need to follow-up on a few things here _ Cool ~




























……One day I’ll also ask Gray for a few pictures of his collection……   






























Bingo Pinball Videos


(included this because of the Dallas Manual tie)




















……Gary King: A Bingo Collector and Mentor……