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Hi Dan. Seen you posting references to San Francisco:

I have been around long enough to remember the days of the row of flipper-less "bingo" type payout machines at the Red’s down near the Oakland Waterfront. I also remember playing those machines around town at places like the bowling alley on Haight Street that became Rock and Bowl, various bars in Chinatown, and of course the Silver Crest Donut Shop. The food at those places was nothing to write home about, but the pinball games added to the aura of excitement, so we’d dinner-up and play the bingos.

These days, it’s almost impossible to find those old payout pinball machines of previous days in the City. As late as 2004 the Silver Crest Donut Shop on Bayshore Blvd. next to the Jack in the Box, still had a row of 5 United Triple Play machines up and running. Doc's Clock on Mission used to have 2, but it's been eons since I've been in there. Vieni Vieni in North Beach also used to have one.

I long for the halcion days of the old authentic saloon/eateries such as Bonanza, Carmen's, 3rd Street Station, Triangle Sandwich Shop, Pier 23, both Red's (Hut and House), and Wolfe's Lunch. Some of these places, thank God, still exist. Lots of good food, good fun and good pinball to be had during their heyday!





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