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This is a really great Pinball Forum running out of Demark


Some older threads, yes`but still really Cool, including a section for the machines`







A good-looking site with a lot of participation`






I really like bingomex`



Bon soir mon jeune ami,


Unfortunately, my French, as far as the language is concerned, is 95% exhausted here schaem.gif


I can't say too much about the game, only that there are 2 ways to play: The "One Ball Game" and the "Normal" 5 Ball Game. There are 5 buttons on bingo: 3 on the front and 2 on the handrail The 3 on the front are for: 1.) Count on points 2.) To trigger points (stake) 3.) Option for the amount of a single stake (10 cents or 25 cents) On the two push buttons on the H.L.L. stands F and X (the X to 100%, the F to 90% - a bit worn) Since I never actually play the ONE-Ball, I no longer know how I got to the ONE-Ball setting, or I can no longer get back to the multi-ball game. I stated above which bingo it is. First of all, thank you in advance Henry-Michael wink.gif