Bingo Pinballs

Created on 6-09-2010 _ Last update 11-19-2016



Yesterday while searching the g-spot for Sirmo flyers I stumbled across an excellent distribution site for Splin games and it led to

this follow-up which identified this Bingo (and I assume the one farther below) as one of Splin’s Italian exports. The site was multi-language

and when your hunting, it helps to cruise through each language – On many of the foreign sites the content changes with the language,



When I saw this image playing in their little Flash-Movie introduction, I got very excited!


…and Wham continuing on, led me to this second Flipperino!



~ This image was only listed under the French version of the page, even though there was an Italian too! ~










jeu spécial destiné au marché Italien

- 5 billes

- pas d'extra billes

- un seul jeu présent