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OK, busted!


Ok, I never got back to this one, laugh, sorry, usually if I post a page without pictures or comments I try to come back and do so……


Now, I have only seen a few webpages that link back to this site (most of the world links to Phil, of course) and when I first saw these posts I decided to go ahead and point to them, brag a bit laugh _ I mean that is kind of Cool, right?


In retrospect, upon seeing Nick’s email today, I immediately realized that I didn’t identify them as I should have _ If I had been thinking, I would have recognized and acknowledged the posts _ I knew some sort of “bingo nutball’ had to be the one pointing back here, laugh!



Episode 207 - Williams Yukon 0

Oct 4, 2015

Continuing to browse Danny's site at, I found another oddity:

Williams Yukon.

This game allows for winning up to 100 replays based on the cards that you hit on a bingo-style playfield.

I am interested in seeing one of these one day - this game is not in IPDB, so I'm not sure when it was made, but I'm guessing in the 1950s or early 1960s.

It looks like a lot of fun, since you are able to choose a spotted card by landing in the 'Joker' hole (in the center of the playfield, similar to #16 on a Bally bingo).

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Yukon is a 1957 Williams woodrail, a 5-Ball machine that kind of Rocks! _ What few references you will see, most all refer to Her as a “Bingo-Pinball-Machine w/no Flippers” which definitely applies and is common lingo amongst the Ole-Boys, because She is one of the Card-Games……


…one of the Joker-Machines!


…...and yes, She is ***VERY RARE***”


In evidence, I have about a bazillion photos if you want them _ Spanning 10-years of collecting and interestingly enough, they all seem to be of the same machine _ Hmmm!




Check out that Layout!


5-Balls _ 5-Shots _ Only 5-Cards _ One Free _ Running 9-to-Ace


Do the Math _ Toss in a Wild-Card


This thing Rocks!


This is a Nickel-Machine……     ……and yes, a Payout-Machine


William’s claim that they were Legit, was all Bullshit,


You can’t believe how many times payers “stepped up” and tried for an “Ace-High Straight Flush” in Spades!









_ i know i did, laugh _













Episode 206 - Sirmo Magic Screen Boardset 0

Oct 3, 2015


A divergence into solid state.  While browsing Danny's site at, I noticed he had some photos of the internals of the Magic Screen bingo manufactured by Sirmo in Belgium in 2005.


This is a solid-state bingo with a very interesting boardset - using what appears to be PC hardware in a pinball machine, including multiple LED and an LCD monitor, manufactured almost a decade before Jersey Jack's Wizard of Oz - simply astounding!


I'm looking forward to spending a lot more time on a solid-state bingo in the future, and part of the fun of any machine, for me, is knowing how they work.


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Well, Nick is Right!


“Imagine the possibilities” of a “computerized bingo” - the number of features-and-options is truly Endless!


…and as we know, Magic Screen was just a “glimpse of things to come” _ with a great name _ a great tribute to the America Legacy!



_ One of the 1st-TFTs, with some kick-ass Special Games _





















_ Go check out the work Nick is doing _ Great Stuff _ He is really working Smart to promote the Coin Games – It’s Awesome! _

























Very Cool _ Thank you Nick!