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In 1965 Bally slipped in a bingo named Border Beauty that would impact the games for years and pretty much finish out the 70s with the family of 20-hole bingos, which were a nice spin combining the Section Scoring everyone came to love and the Magic Screen format, but simpler for the design engineers, which no longer included Don Hooker!


New, New, New, New, New





The basic idea in a Mystic Line game is to try and get as many balls as you can in one of the four Color Zones. To win on one of these your numbers do not have to be In-Line like on traditional bingos, where you had to have three numbers in a line or 4 numbers in a line – etc. Here you only need three or four numbers in a color. For example: To score in the Green Color Zone, you could have the two left holes and the far right bottom hole, and although the numbers aren’t touching or in-line, you still have 3-in-Color for a win.


The Star numbers here are the exception, where they only count in the winning combination if you have five balls in a Color Zone. The Star numbers do not count in 3-in-Color or 4-in-Color combinations/wins.


So when your playing your Mystic Lines bingo and looking at the 4 Stars feature, it might change how you look at using the Pick-a-Play option and how you play the Mystic Lines. The Mystic Line movement is side-to-side and vertical one number position. The bingo card is divided into three Mystic Line groups B,A,C where the B movement controls the first two vertical columns and the C movement controls the two far-right vertical columns. The A movement controls the center column of the card and therefore doesn’t move any of the Star Numbers.



A lot of people start out playing this game not really thinking about the all of the options for scoring and kind of get side-tracked, making scoring the 4 Stars win more difficult than it already is. When you look at the number layout (16,1,6,17) (14,15,6,17) (16,1,13,9) (14,15,13,9) hitting the 4 Stars is tough. So as a player, you probably need to weigh your first two balls and if they hit the Stars – If so, then you have a good case of going for that win; especially if it is enabled for 900 credits and if you have the Press Buttons before and after the 5th Ball enabled.


If you do make the commitment, your best bet is to be sure you are confident of hitting your skillshots and be ready to purchase some Extra Balls to increase your chance of making the win………


The 4 Stars is very tough (in odds) compared to the Out-of-Line win options in the Color Sections, but Man what a Great Feeling when you hit it because the payout is huge!


Now the first two vertical two (Section B) swap positions, the center vertical line (Section A) moves up-and-down one position, and the last two vertical lines (Section C) swap positions _ Hence the combos highlighted above.


~ A Very Cool Movement ~








Now “toss in” all of the Special Games the 1970 20-Hole games offered and “Wham!” you got a few pretty Cool bingos!









~ Bally’s Mystic Lines ~










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