Bingo Pinballs

Created on 6-26-2010 _ Last Update 3-5-2016


Wimi’s sister-game to Royal Skittle _ Euro Skittle _ You know damn well, “there is a story here” _ Some history, the Royals _ Europe!






~ This has always been my favorite cabinet of all the bingos ~


Now try to date these, each starting off with the “most advance” Miss Bowling features _ Hmmm!






~ A good picture of the Tri-Color LEDs on the right ~

~ The machines are smart enough to track the odds and game and show the player the best hole to shoot for the highest possible payout ~















~ That’s two different bingos, so she’s not a fake or one-of-a-kind – LOL ~


Although I am partial to blue, I like the overall look of this bingo better than the Royal Skittle. Euro Skittle

is one-to-one in features with her sister: Carrying the both the One Ball and Five Ball games options that none

of the early Bowling Games had, the Magic Number feature, SUPERDLINE Scoring, and Collect Double Green Scores

feature had her action packed – I’d like to see that very-simple score card a little bit closer.


~ Maybe the name change was to open the market up to all of Europe ~


I am not too sure when Wimi switched over to the “flush” ball-cover, but short of finding a dated flyer, that might be

one clue we could use to nail the dates of these two bingos – It’s interesting to see them using the same Bowling-Theme

playfields used on the original 1990 Miss Bowling


























~ In case you’ve ever wondered what the Roll-Overs do ~