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Created on 11-22-2015 _ Last update 10-21-2017


Well I spend a lot of time hunting the Internet, searching for the Bingos and it seems that every time I turn around, I have been steered toward Spain

and what is really Cool, is that each time I have been pleasantly surprised at the myriad of Bingos found there!


…and what is even more wonderful and surprising, is finding out about the number of companies designing and building Bingos there!


_ Very Cool_


I think Cirsa is from there, I think Eurostar is from there, I think Top Counter is from there, I think Playsol is from there,

I think Euro (recel) Flip is from there, I think K7 is from there, and I think Star Technology is from there – and maybe a couple of others!




_ For the Hunters _


This website alone is a rich source of for the games:


……Spotted these bingos in 2014 – Spain maybe the home of the 7-Card games……






  "The Champ" - 7-Card Bingo from Spain?

Spain - Unidesa/Cirsa - The Manuals

Spain Bingo Company Details - Vifico

Spain Bingo Company Details - Cirsa

Spain Bingo Company Details - K7 Kursaal

Spain Bingo Company Details - Playsol

Spain Bingo Company Details - Playmatic S.A.




San Sabastion, Spain

Roman remembers playing a 7-Card in Spain

Pinball World Spain









































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