Bingo Pinballs

Created on 04/05/2014 _ Last Update 11-22-2015


_ Bingos in Europe _




I apologize these Europe pages are so late in coming! _ There is some fabulous history in Europe and it continues to unfold today!


France is a Nation with deep roots for the Bingos and the last 10 years has held and revealed some wonderful games!!


_ Check out this photo below! _


That first Bingo is a Penalty 2, that second is a Medieval, followed by a Treasure Island, then 3 unknown like machines, and finally a couple of Ladies stuffed in the far corner _ Just Sweet!



Yeah, there are more than just a few Bingos in France and the really Cool thing is that they have some really unique games, special to their Country!


A website I often forget to go out and visit one-a-month, is and it is a Treasure Trove!



The hunting-grounds!


Searching for the Bingos - II









Magique Hexagon - Spotted in France

Montecalo Rallye - Spotted in France

"Medieval" _ An Italian / France Export?











_ stay tuned _