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……This is only part of Keith’s email to me _ I abbreviated it, since it covered so many topics! ……



Keith Nickalo <knickelson67@>

Subject: Galaxy

To: "Danny Leach" <bingopinballs@>

Date: Saturday, July 31, 2010, 8:28 PM


Hi Danny.


I was just looking at this page at a few of your pages.


Ever look at exactly what you have to do on a Dixie to get the fabled 2400 game payout?   Phil has it well explained on his site.  One thing I have never read anywhere that I think is way cool is that you can win six hundred bucks on a Dixieland for FOUR in a row.  Nobody ever seems to make a bid deal over this but I think it's awesome.  I always thought that would be how it (2400 GAMES) was hit if I hit it.


How would you get 2400 credits for a four in a line?  1st off you had to have the superlines lit.  The superlines on Dixie make a three pay as four and a four pay as five.  The game will light the superlines occasionally on a random basis (through the reflex of course) but usually you have to hit the rollover which also lights on a random basis.  Having the 9 or 25 lit as the magic number would be a big plus since they are both in the superline on card six.   Plus card six must be one of the two cards that pay double-double.  Having said all that, you hit four in a line on the superline on card six it pays out as five in a line for 300 games. Doubled to 600 through the magic number doubleing.  Doubled again through the 11th coin double-double your at 1200.  You would have to be nuts to hit the D/N button but if you did and hit....You just one 2400 games.  Around here these are quarter games so you would have just one six hundred bucks.  All for a two dollar and seventy five cent bet.  That is about 218 to one odds.  By far the best odds ever given out on a bingo.  It's kind of like hitting a progressive jackpot.


I know whenever I get the superlines lit I'm automatically thinking....25-15-9-18-11....hope the 9 is the magic number.


Down to the lab.




PS.  Wasn't there another six card after Dixie?  I thought I read somewhere on Phil's site there was one last six card that was actually

solid state of all things.  I looked again but now can't find it.  Do you know anything about it?


Courtesy “Bally Bingos in Holland” …from their first show`












Looks like I still owe Keith as answer`