Bingo Pinballs

Created 05-05-2019



Now there a lot of these Juex de Café service companies in Belgium, so I cruise through them every now-and-then for newer pics and tidbits`


…and I think we got a bit lucky here, but with a bit of caution – Although this page, on this site, is date 2018 – I wonder`


Now I know there is more than one generation of this newer Daytona, but just how many – I am not at all sure..??


…and it seems that there are also a few Montana De Luxe 2 revisions out there`




Anyway, I like the Master View reference here`




That C’est le successeur du Master View will realy help track and sequence this technology`




The Montana Deluxe 2 is the newest bingo from manufacturer Splin. As for the new games and the update, this bingo has evolved compared to its predecessor. Montana Deluxe 2 contains 9 games.