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~ Ed just purchased a Bally Cypress Garden and was pretty excited until he got home ~





Hi Danny, I have just purchased my first Bingo machine (Cypress Gardens).I checked it out at the seller’s place and all options worked correctly.

Odds and Features. Took it apart and brought it home .Put it back together, now the odds wont go above 6 and it pays off on two in a line sometimes.

This all occured after a game that the Bally hole was lit for the ABCDE on next game option. I hit the Bally Hole and after that The magic squares hung

up off of center and I had to remove the Glass and reset by hand. Now the game gives me all the features but not the Odds. Please help. Thought it

was fixed, but when i got it home it had new bugs in it. when I removed the backglass and lowered the front down. I started to get weird problems like

as soon as you start a game it puts 21 to 27 replays on the meter. This sounds like a problem in the wire bundle at the bend but I don’t want to mess

things up. Also get no features odds don’t go over 8. Other thing that’s odd, when using coins or the replay button, sometimes it stops and neither do

anything for some time then it goes again, at this time nothing happens not even clicks. The only way I can get ABCD and E is to engage the next feature

selenoid. This is getting not to be fun. I’m ready to give it back to Mark and get my money back.


Yikes Ed - Sounds like this one went a bit south on you. Did you break the playing field and backbox apart to get it home or did you move it as on piece?


Yes Danny, I broke the back box. No other way to get it in the room.


Ok, that's where I'd start - Poor and dirty connections here are probably the source of the coin problems. Even though you already tried, you might want to

pull each bundle again at the “Jones-Plugs” and give each post a light scrub with light (the black) sandpaper or a steal wool pad.


Took your advice and cleaned all the connectors, used a dremel tool with a felt buffing pad. Then burnished all the contacts that I could get to. 5 hours later

fired up the machine and it played good. Gave good odds without hanging up on the 8's like it did before. It gave features normally. Played great! Now the

questions: Is it normal after paying out a large number of Odds, to stop giving features. The machine is giving three in a line with no ball in the 24 or the 16.

Where do i go to check this? Must be shorted together with a number that has a ball in it. This seem s to be the only problems left to fix. Still haven’t received

my schematic yet maybe it will come tomorrow. Later—ED


 Now somewhere, probably mounted on the backdoor, is a group of disks all connected together on a common shaft and motor assembly - this is the mixer.

Is the motor spinning and are the disk moving as you work the coin mechanism, if not this could account for most of the odd problems. If you guys laid the

backbox on it’s side for the trip home, you may have had some dirt and oil move around in the box and gum up some disks and switches.

Using a good light source, have a look around. Q-tips with a light application of denatured alcohol is a good way to clean things – Let me know……


Thxs Danny – You were right on the money – She’s playing better now that at the seller’s place. ED









~ Danny Leach Bingo Pinballs ~

















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