Bingo Pinballs

Created on 01-26-2020


In 2012’ Roger wrote to me and pointed me to a bunch of old photos that started popping up “for sale” on ebay,

and it’s just weird that none of the photos were posted with any detail on their origin. The only clue to the source

of the photos is the watermark – Photoseeum`and that is a complete deadend`


Those folks don’t know where their stuff comes from, or don’t care, or are hampered by copyright`


…but, likely all of their photos are newspaper syndicated, which means we can find them and find the stories too`


Home › Cuban Soldier Sitting On Pinball Machine 8x10 Reprint of Old Photo


© 2020 Photoseeum


Clearly this is from a news-source like AP`- Thanks Roger,










 …ok, finally some detail to work with, from some old August 2016 files of mine`


cuban solder.JPG cuban solder2.JPG