Bingo Pinballs

 Created on 01-05-2015 – Last Update 08-17-2017




Master Continental and I am starting to believe it!


2016 and our first picture showing some detail _ Awesome!!



I posted one of these a few years ago on my Continental Club page with quite a few others, but somehow completely missed the

nuisance that I saw pop out at me when I spotted this larger photo; some that clearly inspires questions:


How do you date this puppy?


The typical 14-coin format, but a Top Banner on a Continental? When did that start, the game-name it’s self Master Continental.

Wow, The Big Kahuna of all Conts _ How Bold!


…and that top-game in general: Mystic Multiplication Number _ definitely unique!


Now check out that blue/green area right above the Master moniker!


What do we have here? _ What is that Red Bonus next to the Mystic?


Spot-em or a “Hit-em” and collect those 3-digit display Bonuses!!


None of the numbers are Super-Line, so??


ChaChing!! _ A “Center-Spot” bonus and maybe the Father of those Bingos!!






So, how do you date this puppy?








_ 2015 Spotted in France _







_ 2015 Spotted in Argentina _







Caught these here in 2017,



Quite a distinctive cabinet,


…and wow, now take a really good look at that playfield,


yes, I think we finally helped peg this one – this Bingo is a kit on top of a Show Games Transcontinental,




Well now you know: This is definitely the reason we don’t see either of the Transcontinentals,


Seems they were phased out for this Sweet Baby!




























































stay tuned,