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Created on 08-01-2010 _ Last update 01-14-2020


In 2010 I was surfing around the Internet and spotted this Wimi Bingo Pinball on ebay.France, which total makes sense, smile`

What is really Cool is that this is the second bingo pinball given that name – I like that, a nice tribute`


 Bingo Pinball = Concorde


france ebay 2010


The classic Continental style playfield, with Wimi’s “sleek sports car” twist – Nice!


Now, that’s the Wimi-Logo right there under the 1st Carte!


“Numereos Magiques Scores Double Double Si Allume, Doubles Doubles On Plateau”





Here is some detail from a page I titled Concorde Archive 2014-2016`


image001.jpg image003.jpg










image007.jpg image009.jpg




On these two images I wrote “Looks like they were trying to jumper around some security lockouts`











1264215024.jpg 1288130017.jpg 2639190687.jpg








concorde france ebay 2010






Not giving up, I found these in September 2018`






Now Plataeu translates to Tray`so it’s my guess that those two center bonuses are Playfield Scoring…


…I like that third center bonus too for 4 Stars which is tied to those bonus meters on each card - Nice`















































































~ For the Hunters ~


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