Bingo Pinballs

Created on 06-08-2010 _ Last Update 10-19-2019


Back in 2010 when I first posted this page, this Bingo was listed on Phil’s site` I saw it missing in 2016` and see it missing here in 2019` too,


The IPDB still has a nice flyer posted` obviously where I got the 2016` picture below, I must of cropped it out`





Here are a couple pictures from Ivan, to give us our first really good look at this Bingo`


ivan 6.jpg


…a 13-Coin game with a couple of nice twists`


Mystery Scores

4 Stars gives Maxi Score

Same Game




ivan 7.jpg


Interesting Score Card`

















“I found this backglass photo on ebay.Belgium, years ago, and it the only hardware photo I’ve ever seen”
























_ stay tuned _