There is an on-line Saturday Market in Italy where I first spotted this Bingo in 2015, Subito`


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…naturally I latched on to that site and so far, is has proved out as a great Hunting ground for the odd Bingos`


Nine months later, 2016 found another machine for us, which helped peg this game as a Splin`


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Naturally being me, I knew right away I wanted one and these new images I found last month and this` just bolstered that,








BINGO-SPLIN-MadeInBelgium-COLOSSEO-Working-Condition-Flipper-Pinball.jpg BINGO-SPLIN-MadeInBelgium-COLOSSEO-Working-Condition-Flipper-Pinball-_57.jpg








OK` now we have a bit of detail,



Check out that 6th-Card…















































































Bingo Pinballs

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Years ago when Splin had a website we could see here in the States, these machine were often listed with the attribute: Export - Roma?