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Created on 04-17-2014

_ I posted this in another section, but since some of it has to do with coin meters I also wanted to post it separately _


Keith Nickalo

To Me

Aug 17, 2011


The key switch is on the left hand side of the cabinet about a third of the way back and about five inches from the bottom. That's where it's at on every game I have ever saw with one.

All of the Tahiti's I have had only two coin meters. It's interesting to note that all the machines had wires there for a meter. There was just no meter. I figure it goes to what Don Hooker said in his interview about how they used a machine to make a wiring harness. That machine was apparently accounting for all four coin meters.

I attached a couple pics of a London that had all four coins in it.




meter link 1

meter link 2

meter link 3

meter link 4