Bingo Pinballs

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~ Phil Hooper’s Site is Awesome – I don’t think there is anything “operational” he doesn’t cover  ~


Today I posted a page called “25-Cent Machines” and it got me looking at all of the photos and files I have and I came across

a Bally London photo (1969 Bingo) and I couldn’t help but notice it has two coin mechanisms in it – Obviously, I’ve never had

one of  the late model Ballys – laugh – So I missed this little piece of trivia………



Phil refers to this feature as “nickel-quarter play” and explains it perfectly – laugh!


“A nickel was big money is 1954, but chump change in 1965, so Bally started making their machines accept quarters”


Also that: “Inserting a quarter would cycle the machine once, and add four credits to the replay register.”


Well obviously, they set up a few of these machines to accept both denominations……..




~ More Bally Bingo Trivia ~

















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