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One day Keith and I were talking bingo pinballs and he shared a cool little story and some “anti-cheating” trivia while we were checking out the Bally Silver Sails photo below.


I was wondering what was the purpose of those “metal plates” on the front corners of the lower cabinet??




Re: Silver Sails

Saturday, May 22, 2010 10:57 PM


To: "Danny Leach" <bingopinballs>

Who sent you a picture?  The eastern coin op guy?

I think the metal plates protected the carry over switch for the ball lift motor and the tilt..  I have seen several of these games have that.  I've also known people who cheated them like that. (I'll have to tell you the quick bingo story about the job I didn't get because me and one of their employees got to giggling and talking about how we cheated bingos…..actually I just did.)

I wish I would have taken a picture of my London before I ripped it out but it had clear plastic around the playfield perimeter so no coat-hanger could be [pushed through there to manipulate one of the holes and make the game think a ball was in there.







~ Keith has seen these plates on several games _ So maybe you have too! ~


~ Now you know! ~






(OK, photos of the Silver Sails are rare, so please send in a set of pictures if you have one of these bingos – Thank you!)







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