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Carl was kind enough to write in for help and give us some great insight to the Collins Skillpins`


When he stopped working on re-engineering the Control Box, he went to reprograming the Eeproms with completely new code`


Now how Cool is that`…I cannot wait to hear from him again`


_ Email  Excerpts _


I have a 1998 Wimi Euro Continental Star.  It was imported from Belgium by Collins and renamed Georgia Gold.  I have the schematics oddly enough, but there is is not  a lot of information out there on these.  That's too bad because this one looks really fun.



At this point I am not sure either.  I have schematics and some documentation. I was hoping you had the schematic for the Wimi euro continental star maintenance box and maybe some info on how to run it.  However, something ugly has just come to light and that is the box plugs into the front coin box. Well, my pinball does not have a coin box.  As a matter of fact, I believe most security measures have been disabled as the tilt system is not connected. So I am just trying to gobble up as much info on these Wimi machines as I can in hopes of trying to come across something that helps. The machine post and I have an error code of .8  This is definitely not a standard error code so I am kind of lost. I pulled the Matix A cable from the PR738 ball board and the error code switches to a .6.  This leads me to believe it is looking for something that is missing, but I have no real clue as to what that is.  Any Ideas?



My initial thought here was that with a “single-digit” reading, that Carl didn’t have a true Error Code failure.

Ideas: Recreate the Crime`…Set the Bingo back to the earliest stage and conditions possible. What have you changed - etc


I have that schematic and many pictures of the box.  I have read many post on what the maintenance box does. Finding someone who has a box or schematics and then figuring out how to use it is almost an impossible task at this point. I will keep pressing on and hoping, thanks for the time. I sent a couple picks of the box.  If I just understood the rotary switch I believe I could make one.



Later when Carl shares his Wimi Interconnect Drawing, I believe he helps answer his question on the Rotary Switch

The labeling on the P17 connector and control nodes on the schematic, both identify as “rows” and “columns”


I have actually gotten in touch with larry. He doesn't have the schematic or he seems not to. He does however have a key. The key only addresses security issues which mine does not have. I believe, the box sets the address of first data so without that the processor is lost and the whole thing becomes a paperweight. Fixed my hardware issues I believe and it is now stuck in alarm mode which needs the box. I have many pictures of the box which is only switches and connectors. The pictures are not enough for me to recreate the box or clue me in on how to use it.  I am thinking of converting the inside processor to something called MPF Pinball. A Computer driven software and IO board to replace the main boards of pinballs but that is a tall order and I would much rather have mine running in perfect order.  Just thought I would keep you up to date.



I think I might be closer. The box is a lights tester, which is a part that is nice but not critical. The six switches on the bottom are the ones that can reset this box if used correctly. Do you think that is right?



I think this is correct. The larger “Wimi Test Matrix” which we refer to as the “Control Box” here has multiple control nodes into the Bingo`

I think this is the “more advanced box” that Kris and Larry have used to rest the Error Codes, the method of individual resetting verses having a key`

See the pages I wrote and Kris’s emails on “reset all”


Well,  I have made progress on the Wimi. Took the motherboard out and went over every trace in the battery section and found two bad.  I soldered in jumper wires and now posting and getting an E602 error.  I have built the service box and quickly tried it but it doesn't do anything. Do I have to hold down any buttons or anything to get it to read the addresses?  I will let you know if I get any further.



Perfect, this confirms that the original failure mode, the single digit readings, were not true Error Codes

Now this let’s us focus on a known/recognizable failure to address`


I used PCB express to open the schematic. It opened the schematic super easy with no problems. My issue with the schematic is I believe the box that is needed must have some way to set and address in cmos to reset the machine and the schematic only shows momentary switches.  I then took the pictures I have of the real box and completed the rest of the schematic. After doing this I realized all this box does is allow the processor to walk through the addresses and test all the lights on the machine.  If it does reset the cmos not having the instructions to do so would be an issue.  I have a couple manuals downloaded and converted to English that dance around how to do it but nothing that says exactly do this.  I will be back on Saturday and I will send lots of pics.  Thanks for responding. At this point I don’t think the schematics will help unless they come with instructions.



Great, I just got and email from Larry Itroll and he said there is a pinball auction in Lewisville KY on the 26th and he will be there. He said he might have a box if I can get there.   I am still of the mind that if you find the info and post it, it would be the best way.  I have started a diary of getting this thing unlocked so if it ever happens you can post this to help the next poor sucker along.  Thanks for your hard work and patients, I have a really clean schematic of the Wimi Euro Continental Star that took me ages to clean up if you need it. Plus a million notes on how it works.



Here are the pics of my wimi Continental Star, also known as a Georgia Gold.   the error code does say code not cod the E is mission on only the pic.  What I have come to learn is these machines have high security because of them being gambling machines. When they were brought to the US by collins i believe they were gutted of security measures.  The one thing they didn't do was remove the RAM check.  They didn't need to as the RAM has a battery and so would not lose the all important ram check code.  Well when I got mine the battery was corroded and I had to replace some parts which did clear the RAM.  Once the Ram is cleared the EK security will automatically turn back on and you will get the Eb02 error. So now I am in  the boat with everyone else hoping I can find a solution.  Wish me luck. P.S.  In troubleshooting I had to clean the schematics up alot.  They are now much better than the ones I sent earlier.  I will send them again in a little bit.



This note was critical to me. I couldn’t quite understand why all of the connectors on the Optical Throughput Board were full`

Normally the ribbon cable off the Control Box plugs in here. So, what, and where do the extra cables go. Are they part of the Collins changes`


To me this is the biggest reason to pursue using the Control Box to fix this game`…Less Security Protection



Larry Lemmerman's Wimi Box


Wimi Control Box Schematic


Wimi PCB Interconnect Drawing


Now that I “Finally” got some pictures of the Bingo, I asked some follow-ups. Wondering where Carl is trying to connect the Control Box

#1 Mine are all off, according to the schematic if a ball is the slot the light turns off.  If the ball is in play then the light for that ball is on.

#2 I will look at that at lunch.
#3 It Says Advanced Optical Throughput

#4 Now you have hit the million dollar question.   (info) I have included my diagram of the service box which is only the switches needed to increment addresses and change data bits.  The other big switch, leds and two connectors in the pictures of service box are only for testing which lights are burnt out (these two connectors would be for sure a pass through for P9 the matrix plug).  So in my schematic Pin 16 is critical and must be a clock or enable line, which is serv (This tells the CPU service box is connected).  The other lines are increment address locations -1 and +1, and  See (which is read contents of address) this leads to in and out which I believe changes the contents.   So where to plug it in?  I have been trying the ribbon cable in P8 (Key) with no luck. I have looked at all other connectors on the optical throughput and nothing fits the bill.  I still believe that P8 is where it needs to connect.

#5 The red wire is an rs232 connector that goes to P2 on the CPU.  This is the UART serial port that is used for the PSON computer interface for getting the money count from the machine.

I am slowly but surely beating this thing down.  If I can't solve this service box thing then the next step for me is to dump the EProms and reverse engineer the program.  Don't want to do that but if it is my only option, I will



Very good - ok, this is interesting - now it is not on the Interconnect Diagram as a connector.

So, does it parallel the "PDS Key to CPU" / "P17 Key" connectors and/or show up on a page of the schematics somewhere...?


This diagram should help.  That cable is the Key cable J8 on the optical through board to P17 on the CPU the one next to it is P9 labeled Matrix and it goes to P10 on the CPU and then continues to the 6 bonus 7 seg displays wimi calls PR645 Pot Stars The main connector is on the back side labeled P1 and goes to P3 on the CPU - Lots going on here. I have my head wrapped around 80 percent of it.



Ok the answer is in the French manual that I have translated but somehow missed. Very clearly says where the service box connects. My problem now is all I need is the PR747 Schematic and I believe I can reset the EB02 error. At the front left in the body of the device is the interface circuit for coin mechanism (PR 747 HOPPER INTERFACE): the SERVICE BOX connects to it.



Perfect and I totally agree. We have never been so close, as to have all of the information we need to write a “How To” on the Control Box


1)   We have a service box 2) We have a schematic that matches a Bingo 3) We have an Error Code that others have fixed without a Key


Everything is here` smile – But Carl decides to take another path…


I am pretty sure the PR747 connects to P2, P3, P6 or P7 on the Optical Throughput board.   My Guess at this time is the TLFin1 and TLFout1, cashbox etc.. lines are the service box lines.  I need someone with a complete Wimi with PR747 to send a pic and I will figure it out.  As for the P17Key I have seen it hooked up on some pics, however the manual says that it sits unconnected under the optical throughput board and is the place where the security key dongle is attached when the door is opened. The schematic for P17 is on Cont Star schematic 3 security that I sent upper top left.  The Pinout is in two sections one on top of each other. I know for a fact that it is only for the security dongle Eprom Key, which I have never even seen one. If I had the key or even just the eprom dump from the key I believe I could get it to work.  I have decided today to dump the eproms.  I dug out my old programmer and will start.  The IC24 27256 holds the program and IC252764 holds the Key, I do know the key is encrypted so I will mostly focus on the program to try to change the jump on Ram error instruction to jump to working. Wish me luck





Well, I did exactly as asked and wished him the Best`

And asked him to please stay in touch`



As you can tell that Carl is very knowledgeable, if anyone can reprogram one of these, it’s him`


Thank you Carl


Very Very Cool







Electronic / Solid-State


One thing I my end that was really Cool, is I rewrote every page in my Solid-Sate Section

It is also organized much better now and I have added a tonne of missing deatil`