Bingo pinballs

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I am going to go back through all of the history I have collected on the Bingos and start grouping it by Country, by

individual States when we get to America to help tell this story, which exists from Canada on-down and Coast-to-Coast`


The story is one of Court cases, Legislation, and of Law Enforcement “cracking down” on the games`



Apr 11th, 1953 _ New Brunswick, Canada



…this segment of the Coin-op Industry was just that an Industry, a “money-making” industry that had

mothers worried about gambling and corruption, and governments worried about getting their “fair share”


To get us started, Apr 11th, 1953 was one such example`
























~ Bingo Pinballs – For a while there it was a “Balancing Act” of Survival ~


……from 1953 to 1970  the bingos were being targeted……