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Being our immediate neighbor and the long-existing overlaps in trade-and-commerce,

in laws-and-restrictions, and in organized crime …naturally Canada’s bingo history maybe as large as our own`



BB Apr 30th, 1953


– Canada’s history also seems to stem back to the 30’s and in the 50’s their concern started with Free Play games





BB Jul 18th, 1953


– Still the prediction was high-hopes for the markets and routes





BB Dec 25th, 1954


– Their story parallels the U.S. showing that “money” was at the heart of the issue




jul23rd 1955


BB Jul 23rd, 1955


– I wonder how this would have played out with NAFTA in place`





BB Jul 30th, 1955


– That’s damn good business in the 50s’





BB Nov 3rd, 1956


– Up-and-down and all around for 3-years, Canada’s Supreme Court finally gets involved!






BB March 2nd, 1957


– The impacts of the Canadian Supreme Court direction start being felt





BB Jan 16h, 1965


– Their controversy and regulations, change-up and confusion, also allowed the issue to remain open for years.



As I have skimmed through Billboard this last year, I have seen several references to the northern in-line bingos being shipped back to the states over the years, as the markets there fluctuated. Sprinkled in there were a few articles, showing “immediate demand” for bingos needed up north, so I assume that our export relations with them were a little volatile due to lack of decent forecasting, which likely reflects the times, and also due to on-going shifts in their rules-and-regulations. Seems that they handled it well though, with upfront agreements that the unused bingos could be returned.


It’s interesting to note that about ½ the pictures in Jeffery Lawton’s Bally Book come from Canada, equally interesting, when it comes to searching for bingo stuff in America, you are immediately tied to our close friends _ There is a lot of bingo pinball history in the Great White North that I hope to hear more of someday.











Bingo Pinballs …in the Americas`






……While being interviewed, Don Hooker briefly mentions that they would send bingos down into Mexico for trial………