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I am not too sure when Vic and I met, years ago now and immediately I knew he loved the Bingos`

Vic is a true ambassador for the machines, opening sharing the passion and promoting them whenever possible`


Thank you Sir





Hi Danny,


Here is my story and connection to the reasons I love the bingos and how I became totally addicted to them, plus what they mean to me today.

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I started playing flipper games in 1963 at the age of 7 and stopped by the age of 13 in 1969 after seeing and playing for a first time a six card

bingo pinball machine called (Bally) Lite a Line (manufactured in 1961) which I stumbled on by accident in the back room of Ting a Ling's hot dog

place located in Newark, New Jersey on Bloomfield Ave across from Branch Brook park. There were other places in the Northward Italian section of

Newark, New Jersey in the late 1960's that had six card Lite a Line bingos like the Blue Castle on Park ave near Hootens chocolate factory , Blue

Shutter Cafe, Roses candy store which became Rat Mikes (in the late 1970's early 1980's), JJ's Billiards hall on Mt Prospect ave and Bloomfield

ave and two other small soda fountain shops which were located on First ave & No.10th st and the other on Bloomfield ave next to the 322 bar/club.

Finding out that store owners and vendors would give you cash on the spot for your replays on bingo games made me not want to put another dime

in a flipper game again. The first real lure to wanting to play the bingos was the fact that you could win 100's of replays with one dime. Rat Mike's was

the best location for me because it was walking distance from my house on Lake St in Newark, NJ. Rat Mike's store was so big Mike was able to have

four or five bingos in the place at one time which in turn meant most times you didn't have wait that long to play your rolls of coins. Ting a Ling also

housed two or three at a time and I have memories of playing there for many years, plus Sonny the owner of Ting a Ling made the best Italian lemon

ice in the state and the hot dogs were the greatest when his father was still alive. I could write a book on all the colorful bingo player characters and

people affiliate with these so popular games back then in the 60's, 70's and 80's.

In Newark, NJ in the 1960's I only remember there being six card games called Lite a Line which were at many different locations through out the big

city until of course in the 1970's when Bally made all those other great six card twenty five cents games packed with lots of new additional features.

Here are all 20 six card bingos Bally produced starting with the first bingo ever made by Bally called Bright Lights in(1951), Frolic's(1952), Bright Spot

(1952), Fun Way (1959), Lotta Fun (1959), Barrel of Fun (1961), Lite a Line (1961), Barrel-0-Fun 61(1961), Barrel-0- Fun 62 (1962), Shoot a Line

(1962),Hole in One(1971), and Stock Market(1971),Ticker Tape(1972), Wall Street(1974), Blue Chip(1975), Bull Market(1976), High Flyer(1977),

Nashville(1978) and Dixieland(1979).

I do remember seeing and playing a Bally Dude Ranch on the boardwalk in Seaside Hts, NJ in the Royal arcade back around 1967 for a nickle a game

and a Bally Key West in the boardwalk Fasination Place back in the late 1980's. These two bingos were the only other bingos besides Lite a Line that I

knew of in New Jersey until I started collecting bingos in the the early 1990's.

Playing six card bingos in stead of the other types of bingo games Bally was manufacturing at the time like the one card games, magic screen games

or turning corners games, etc, would make you a better bingo player faster because the six card games started and end much quicker than the other

types of multi coin bingos. Most of the six card bingos were max coin limits ( 6, 8 or 11 coin max) in stead of the multi coin other type bingos like the

(one card, magic screen, turning corners,etc) games. So by playing more complete games at a quicker pace this would give a player more chances at

playing a game and in return more play time making the player become a better player faster.


I have had the pleasure of having many bingo pinball machines in my collection but as time went on I have let many go to new homes where they can

be enjoyed by other bingo players. Here is a list of bingos that are now gone from my collection. Bright Lights/Nashville/Golden Gate/Bikini/Night Club/Miss

Universe/Bally Beauty/Miss Bowling Turbo(digital)/Sea Island/Ticker Tape/Stock Market and the list goes on. At the present time in my collection are Lite a

Line/Dixieland/New Continental Golden(digital)/Variety/Gayety and Coney Island. This year 2006 I am working on a project to bring all my bingos out of the

basement game room and upstairs into the new renovated attached garage Bingos only  game room. I didn’t think I would like the idea that much when I

first thought of doing this new garage game room which since I  have painted and installed heat & air conditioning it just fine now. I actually like have the

bingos in their separate room . I closing I would like to say the the thing I miss most about the bingos is playing them on location when I was very young

and getting that thrilling rush making a numbered hole for a very large payout. I can remember never not feeling this blood tingling feeling rushing through

my veins every time I  would make a large pay out in line win. I must have spent a small portion of my youth stuck on some bingo pinball machines

side rails trying to beat them for their replays.









  …one of my Bingo Heroes`


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