Bingo Pinballs

Created on 03-30-2020



…ok, this is a signature rework you see in California on a number of the Pixies from United Manufacturing`

A good many Bingos from United made their way out to the West Coast and got the Treatment`


download (10).jpg



…a couple of things here`


First, the advancing odds on this version of the machine are zones A, B, C – etc.


…and I have always wondered why, I would love to see those player Scores Cards to see if

the odds were changed, likely so, that would be the most obvious reason for modifying the game`


Second, is that anti-cheat shield around the playfield.


It looks perfectly made for the game, custom. I have seen this on a few Pixies, including one of the

Bingos down at the Pacific Pinball Museum. A nice-thick piece of sheetmetal running the perimeter of

the playfield, so folks couldn’t slide a coat-hanger in there and guide the balls, cheat`


Not a bad way to do it – DIY`



…all the playfield springs are still there, so maybe it didn’t affect the game-play too much – hmmm`