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Subject: Pinball Machines That You Got Paid On For Games Won


I’m sorry to bother you with this question but I cannot find any info on the net.  I’m 49 years old and when I was a teenage, let's say about 1969 or so, some local bars (northern California) had these pinball machines without flippers. The machine had holes for the ball and went from 1-25. Number 16 was in the middle and was the hardest to get but also the best one to get as it connected with many number.  The object was to get 3, 4, or 5 balls in a row and you won games. The amount of games you won was determined by on how many games you pushed off trying to jump up the odds. You could even push a button that would give you certain games and let you move the numbers around, making it easier to get 3 in a row. Now the best part was that the bartender would pay you off .05 a game.  Would you have any idea about what I’m talking about or know where I could find any link to these types of games. Thanks so much.


Tom Franceschi


Well now, London and Safari both came out in 69`and there was mention of an Apollo Ball,


68`was the Wheel machines – Going back to 65`had us swimming in 20-Hole Bingos`


63`n 64`were dead years`


Now Northern California, a teenager playing Bingos in a Bar?




Now wait a minute, California` Golden Gate…  Ah!




OK 1962 and at least 2000 of these were made, so likely a few made it out to the Coast`


It would be awesome if Tom was playing one of these Bingos – How perfect that would have been`


Golden Gate Upper Playfield


Dennis just Nails it out on the IPDB`


One of the few Bingos they post, where they don’t list a Theme`


…which I Love when they do, some of them are excellent`




The sister-game to Silver Sails and Bally at their finest`


The only thing this Bingo doesn’t have is a Ballyhole and you never miss it, even for a second`




I am so glad Tom wrote in and I saved the email all of these years`


A chance for us to reach back into the Day, walk back in time, I sure hope I sent him a response`

















Yeah Tom, I do have a bit of an idea about what you are talking about, Smile`