Bingo Pinballs

Created on 5-25-2010 _ Last updated 9-10-2016


You’ll find these out on the Internet where I borrowed them – What you have here is the full-clips, so we don’t loose them over time!


I’ll fix my screw-up too – Somehow I turned these into .flv extensions – I will correct that soon and put them all back in their original video formats – Sorry!

BingoVIT's Open Gameroom 2007


BingoVIT's Open Gameroom 2008


A Little Bingo Player - Mini-Me


Tahiti Scoring Problem


Bally Miss Universe - Part 1


Bally Miss Universe - Part 2


Bally Miss Universe - Part 3


Bally's Crosswords Bingo Pinball


Bally Bingo Pinball Miss America Deluxe - Part 1


Gay Time Magic Pockets


Bally London - Part 1


Bally Big Show


Bally Variety - Schenectady New York


1960s Arcade Machines - Bally Night Club


Richard Gerlitz - Bingo Repair Introduction


Montana De Lux (baby Montana) Special Games Preview


Montana De Lux (baby Montana) Game Operation??


Montana De Luxe (Extreme) - Tutti Frutti


Montana De Luxe (Extreme) - Odd Operation?


Sirmo - Bingo Continental One Ball (Garys?)


Cirsa - Bingo Montana - New 24-Hole 7-Card Bingo


A Tahiti chanting for some Attention!


BingoVIT TSCC Continental Magic Game at 1st Turn-on


BingoVIT TSCC (long but excellent play)


“Here it’s easy to see that TSCC did not use a ball lift cover nor did they have a ball lift button.

It’s also easy to see how these Belgium games recommend the next ball, best next shot – This is great play detail”


Virtual PC Software Demo – Atlantic City


Dixieland - Complete Game including Coin Play (Keith’s?)


Dixieland with a Problem? (Keith's?)


Dixieland Coin & Game Play


3 side-by-side Miss Americas being played (Keith Nickalo)


Bally Gayety Operation (inside & out) - Marginal Quality


Bally Gayety


Gayety (Likely the same machine - I think this is Gary King's)


Bally Big Show #1


Bally Big Show #2


Bally Big Wheel Operation


Jeff playing Josh's Sea Island at Yorktown


Service Box being used on a Splin Montana De Luxe


Sirmo Brooklyn #1


Sirmo Brooklyn #2


Sirmo Brooklyn #3


Resetting the Reflex Units on a Bally Tahiti & Bally London


United ABC - 1 - From The Pacific Pinball Museum


United ABC - 2 - From the Pacific Pinball Museum


Bally Can Can _ "I love the dialog on this Bingo"


Bally Big Time #1


Check out the cabinet on this bad boy!!


Bally Big Time #2


Bally Big Time #3


Bally Spot Lite – Perfect Video!!


"Attraction Mode" on a Sirmo Bingo Continental One Ball


"Attraction Mode" on a Sirmo Brooklyn


Bally Beauty


Private Owner - Shacky Shed


Cat Tails - 1


Cat Tails - 2


Bally - Miami - 1


Bally - Miami - 2


Miss Queen





Below is a link to one I cannot figure out how to “steal”

If anyone knows how to extract this video, please email it to me!


Belgium News Cast