Bingo Pinballs

Created on 06-21-2010 – Last update 11-28-2019


~ Phil has this game list as a 1996 bingo, who knows, this just maybe be one of the games Sirmo has released more than once`




In 2010`I wrote that the next photo below (right) was the only known hardware picture`


The photo above came to me in 2012`


brooklyn  cropped brooklyn



~ This image and the above top-left were both on Sirmo’s Belgium Bingo page listed as a new machine in 2007 ~

~ This year find it moved to their “Previous Products” listings ~


I can’t wait to find some clear shots of this thing, it is definitely packed with features _ I tried to see if

any other Sirmo 2-Card could help us identify some of them, but other than this machine, the 1984 games,

their 2010 Coney Island, and their 2008 Italian export Trinacria their games are all 6-Card games.


~ Out of the 2-Card games, this is the only one with this format – Truly Unique! ~







In 2016` I found these photos on ebay, so now Gary’s game now has some company here in the States


$(KGrHqQOKnME52NRU9wTBOlfRhwJ3w~~60_3  $(KGrHqR,!iYE5olJRvPBBOlfSSo+(w~~60_3









Somewhere I have a few .zip files from Gary I will find and also add those pictures here, now that I am combining all of my pages`


Well, I also tried to enlarge all of these photos to actual size, my monitor is just way too small – sorry – these pics are huge`


I will also post the .zips Gary sent`
































Thank you Mr. King – Very Cool Brother`







































OK, let me try to get the extra pics, videos, and zip files from Gary out here`


Sirmo Brooklyn






I’ll need to do a bit of work here to clean this up, to get everything correctly sized and working`


Nov 2019`










































~ Bingo Pinballs ~
















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