Bingo Pinballs

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Bowl-a-Line – Even a few of the 52’s got this twist!



Yes, that is a manual ball lift button you see and it just look odd, because those legs are wood rails

like Bally originally had on these Bright Spots



All five babes made the cut, but they lost something with that cheap font they used on the game name. On

this series of backboxes, I always liked that slight sculpting at the top – A bit of character……….



Whoever reworked it also set it up for quarter play, but it looks like it still got it’s share of mileage!



Here’s the sales-pitch that came with it – I really like this – Simple, but Cool





This is my old favorite pinball and the last one to part with.  I can't tell you what year it was made. Its lots of fun.

It works!... basically.  scores properly. I play it as is all the time.

The door mechanism is not up to par. I just start the machine by hand without coins. There's no coin box, the back door is taped on.

But... it plays fine. That’s what counts!









~ A bit of trivia for the Bright Spots ~



~ I love the little guys playing the bingos – Woohoo! ~


Like Bally’s 1951 Spot-Lite they were still advertising the new Horserace games when Bright Spot released in 1952, the

flyer pitches Futurity (a later bingo feature) as well a Shuffle Line, a shuffle game with a bingo theme.
















Bright Spot also had the old-style backbox with flip-down door:



Although a bit simpler, the Control Unit you recognize, but most of the other modules I bet you do not,

except the Replay Register and even it changed over the years – These early bingos borrowed a little

more from the past – On the upper-left, check out that “mondo” tilt mechanism…..


































~ “This is my old favorite pinball”  ~