Bingo Pinballs

Created on 12-21-2017


OK` some of these we are not going to lose,


 26 Jan 2017, 22:07 #1

Hi! ​Does anyone have a decent scan or photo of a United Brazil backglass? Mine is in poor shape and I have undertaken to recreate the graphic for a future translite. I'm decent with Photoshop and have all the "easy" stuff done (numbers, squares, etc.) but mine has a lot of missing detail down in the bottom where the people and landscape scene is. About the only pic I have seen is the one on the IPDB site which is a 3/4 view and pretty low-rez. If someone has a good scan of theirs it would save me quite a bit of drawing time.























Well, it’s pretty simple and Way Cool`


Mark couldn’t find a replacement backglass, so he decided hey “just to do it”



















Well he should’ve call me, laugh`