Created on 08-05-2020



OK, I have been waiting for this, a win on a Mystic Lines game and I wanted it to be Border Beauty`

…the very first game in this family of Bingos`




On these 20-hole machines Bally replaces In-line Scoring with 4-Color Scores and at first is seems a bit odd, smile`


There are (4) color zones and (4) white Star #s, one tied to each zone ~ Yeah`


So wins are in Zones,


4 in same Color Zone – Plus One In Matching Star Zone


4 in same Color Zone


3 in same Color Zone


The win above is the best and pays at Yellow Odds for 300` …not bad, most of these where dime games`




This is a pretty clean win too, the player did not have many dimes in the machine and didn’t move any #s`

The #s are all in the original home position – Nice`












…I kind of like the old 5x5 Cards, but hey`