Bingo Pinballs

Created on 11-06-2014



I find this account interesting for a couple of reasons, first is the list of Bingos`

This book jumps around a bit, but the crackdowns were in Reading, Pennsylvania circa 1955`

and the list makes sense in that regards, but the odd-man-out is the reference to Jack-in-the-Box`


Later in the 70s Gottlieb would release a pinball with this name, but I wonder. This book was published in 2008

so there could have been a bit of jetlag going on here, but if this is based upon IRS records ~ Hmmm`


Williams Hi-Hand 1957 Ballys Jokers Wild 1970





Obviously what caught my eye here was the reference to (44) games from (23) places`


One town and even if that is all of the Bingos in town, that is a huge number when you extrapolate and

apply it to the Country 1000s of Cities`



That means that is 1955 alone there were 10s-of-1000s of Bingo Pinballs`









 now Philadelphia was mob-up and a huge distribution point for the Coin-ops`


I like the mix here both United and Bally machines`




There has been quite a bit written about this in accounts like The Minker Era etc`

Which, is also referenced in this book`

When the Rackets Reigned (9780595496891 ... -


A bookie working for the Philadelphia Mafia was murdered in Reading before testifying at a grand jury hearing. The local mob kingpin, Abe Minker, was eventually convicted

and imprisoned, as was Mayor John Kubacki. The war raged for six years before organized crime lost its control of vice in Reading.



Somewhere on this site I post some detail on The Minker Era`