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Mr. M has been very cool about staying in touch and sending in emails and pictures of his bingo-journey to refurbish a Bally Bikini and his latest two pictures just Rock!!


Here is one of them and please notice the “stencils” hanging on the back wall _ Awesome!



~ Cha Ching _ Thxs Kevin ~






Here is my original page:



How appropriate that “Bluesection” writes in with a picture of a “Magic Screen” bingo pinball _ Smile!


kjmusk@whatever writes in on July 23rd, 2011 and titles his email “Big Show” _ Only to talk about his Bikini!!


Love that!!


Hi Danny, glad you liked the little article on my Big Show, (2 or 18 spotted)!

Love the picture of a Big Show in the dark on your front page.

Here’s a picture of my Bikini cabinet I’ve just finished spraying after

rebuilding and re-gluing all joints.

Regards, Bluesection.








Man is that going to turn out Nice!! _ Great work Blue, thanks for the picture!!



(hope to get a few more one day please)





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Thxs K