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But first, he had to come up with 29,000 pennies, in case of a match ... unlikely, but he had had 2 matches already.
Think of it ... a $435 pot ... that's a lot of pennies!Motorcycle
Of course he didn't have any money ... but, he did have a motorcycle, his pride and joy!
Well, five minutes later, I owned a pistol, a motorcycle and a few thousand pennies to boot ... what could I do with those? The pennies would be converted into dimes and with "Bookie" Turner's help, I'd "tilt" and beat the illegal "Bingo" pinball machine down at the Service Station and turn them dimes into dollars! That was the plan ...
TaraWell, what about the pistol and the motorcycle? Give them back, of course ... but not right away.
Said our distraught young gambler in training ... "I'll go home. And I'll think of some way to get them back. After all ... tomorrow is another day"
BookieWho was this "Bookie" Turner? Why the local sheriff, of course. While pinball machines were legal for entertainment purposes, it was illegal for businesses to pay us for the games we won ... illegal and rampant! Those machines were everywhere ... bowling alleys, service stations, diners; even at the Farmer's Market.
Bookie'd do most anything to get the goods on those who did, including lifting one side of the machine while I put matchbooks under one front leg so as to "tilt" it and give me an advantage ... another story for another time.Doc Holliday
What became of our young pistol packing, motorcycle riding, Doc Holliday protégé? ... I warned that you might be surprised. No, he didn't become a dentist or a dealer in Las Vegas ... seems some lessons are better learned than others and losing his shirt, rod and scooter was a sobering experience Though now retired, he became known is some parts of the state as "Mister District Attorney