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As I was going through some of my older bingo files, I found a few notes and passages related to Mr. Bud Murrow and knowing that he was one of the true fans of these machines, I wanted to gather them all and get a page going in his name _ I didn’t know Bud, but I know that many of you did _ So, if you have a Bud Story please email it to me!






Bingos-R-Us Remembers


This puppy will play and pay just like you remember from the truck stops; lunch counters and bowling alleys of that era!!! I remember playing this exact game at the "Towsen Ave Cafe" during my lunch hour in Ft Smith, Arkansas when I was a young man. Also played the Key West & Sea Island until all hours at "Floyd's Sinclair Station" at the corner of "10th & A" in that same city. I love these games...maybe that's the reason I started refurbishing and selling them to those of us that wouldn't be able to get one of these if someone didn't take to time to find and refurbish them! They bring back many, many fond memories!


~ I wish I knew which bingo he was referring to ~




(In Memory Of)


Bingo r us


Hello, My name is Dr Bud Morrow, I have been dubbed "the largest seller of collectible Bally Bingo Pinball Machines" on the net. It is strictly a "hobby" to me and I DO NOT sell to game operators who might place these old gambling machines back out in public in violation of some state laws. I grew up playing these old games in Ft. Smith, Arkansas in the late 50's and early 60's. I have grown to love the hobby and am ALWAYS looking for warehouses full of stored bingo's to buy and restore!! I am (55) now and am retired and have a doctorate in Naturopathic Oncology. I have had cancer and got over it successfully using "alternative therapy". I also sell on eBay under the user ID "Bingosrus".




CIRCUS QUEEN By BALLY.. This pinball machine was owned by Jeffrey Lawton HIMSELF. I purchased this pin from him and referbed it thru Junior Barker in Ft Smith. It has a NOS backglass; a NOS playfield and (YES...a brand new playfield comes with this game!) and a NOS front door. You can install them yourself. This machine works very well and cosmetically (side art) is about a 6-7. Has the original legs and operators manual. Also will come with nickel acceptor and cash box!! More info call: Bud @ (870) 426-5244 before 11PM. TO: Crate; transport and ship to a "serviced" location in the lower 48 will be a flat rate $250.00. Thanks for looking and please bid often. Only thru sales am I able to keep offering these old collector pins to all of you on eBay. I appreciate all of you that have traded with me in the past. I will do my best to continue to offer quality machines that will work and give my customers hours and hours of enjoyment!!! My feedback says it all!!! Thank You!.......Bud


A PRISTINE "MALIBU BEACH" Bally Bingo Pinball Machine! Built in was the LAST machine offered by Bally for the bingo crowd. Like Jeff Lawton said..."What a nice way to end an era!". This machine isn't only pristine on the's really clean on the inside as well. The backglass is "NOS" and all features work well. The side art is almost a 10! The playfield is as close to a 10 as it can get! This whole machine is as close to a 10 as any bingo can get!! (See pics)Pictures speak for themselves...To crate; transport to Tulsa, Okla Forward Air and ship to one of the "serviced" terminals in the lower 48 is $240.00. Will come with extra light bulbs; rubber rings; coin acceptor and cash box. Also has the extra heavy duty leg stands. (see pics). All in's very beautiful! The LAST of an era...and it's are the highest bidder. Has all the features that the 60's screen games had INCLUDING the "OK" feature! More info call: Bud @(870) 426-5244 before 11PM please. A Really great will love it!!! MALIBU BEACH...the last of an era...gone forever...but not forgotten!!! Jeff Lawton said that it is the equiv of the Laguna Beach from the 60's.(PLEASE NOTE: The payout meter...the one that is INSIDE the intermittently...most of the doesn't...unless your operating this machine on a is not important anyway...If that is going to make a difference...DON'T BID...The machine is 99.99% operational!!!...NUFF SAID!!! ...I am really not a grouch, but some people could test a saint, if you know whet I mean.) I AM GOING TO NEW JERSEY IN A COUPLE WEEKS, SO IF YOU LIVE WITHIN 100 MILES EITHER WAY OF THE INTERSTATE ALONG THE WAY...I CAN ARRANGE TO DELIVER IT TO YOUR FRONT DOOR PERSONALLY.



NASHVILLE !!!...A Bally Bingo Pinball Machine extraordinaire!!! This six-card Bingo is almost perfect...I will give it a 9.75 (...and I don't give anything a 9.75 !) This thing is absolutely gorgeous!!!!! Playfield is perfect; backglass is NOS; side art is almost perfect...folks, it just doesn't get any better than this!!! All features work very well...rubber rings have been replaced and light bulbs have been changed! Even comes with a NOS set of score/instruction cards installed before shipment. ALL keys are included. Legs are repainted "Bally Red" and look nice! Bid with confidence on this one as it took us over 44 hrs to put it back into perfect shape. We took the time to file every point in this puppy!! Has double up collection button and has all but one of the features of the latter game...Dixieland. Other than that...they are identical!!! Comes with the quarter acceptor and cashbox. (Books are NOT included), but are readily available thru some of the other pinball dealers for a reasonable price...sorry. Flat rate freight will be $250.00 (via Forward Air) portal to portal (their terminal). That includes crating, transporting to Tulsa, Okla (386 miles round trip) and then prepaid shipping to a "serviced" city near you! VERRY REASONABLE! You will "LUV" this game!!! Nashville Bingos this nice don't come along everyday!! (SEE them closly!!) This thing is absolutely MINT! Proudly...Another beautiful offering from "Bingosrus". More info call: Bud @(870) 426-5244 before 11PM please. Thanks for taking your time to look and please view my other auctions...GOOD LUCK and sorry...we NO LONGER accept paypal. Money orders and personal checks only please. I will start it tell me what this beauty is would be a wonderful addition to your gameroom!



Magic ring selling on ebay for $799

YUP!...A real Bally "MAGIC RING" Bingo Pinball Machine!!! Just received it in my inventory and have had it shopped perfectly...It lights up like the Vegas Skyline! (I apologize for the dimly lighted pictures) Absolutely gorgeous machine...impressive game play...very unique! Playfield is a 8 1/2; cabinet is a 9; backglass is a 9+; side art is a 9; NOS light diffusers and all books/wiring diagrams.(see pics). Some of it's features include color rotation scoring; double/double-double or nothing scoring; A thru E scoring sections; diamond ring spotted number scoring (300/600); before and after the fifth ball feature; blue-green-red and white selected scoring features...just to name a few. This machine plays and looks be the of the rarest bingos ever built...(2 model yrs only) I have two, but it will be awhile before the second is ready...this one is ready NOW! TO: Crate and transport to Forward Air and then to ship to your serviced location is a flat rate $250.00. More questions call: Bud @ (870)426-5244 before 11PM please. I have a modest reserve to cover our cost of reconditioning...of course. Good luck and bid often...this one's a keeper!! Paypal and Billpoint gladly accepted. (disclaimer)...Anyone that is close enough to come and play this machine before bidding may do so if they wish, is being sold as-is without warranty as we cannot control the shippers handling of machines...thank you.




Mr. Pinball Tip:


Am not sure how many know, but a product called 'Plexo' in a tall blue and white spray can will clean a pinball playfield much quicker and considerably better than 'the old standby' made in Texas! I just shake it, spray it on in heavily trafficked and wipe off. After doing this, THEN apply that playfield wax and cleaner that so many of us have used for years. This stuff seems to bubble the dirt up and off the surface, making it much easier to remove! It has NEVER hurt the playfield in the least little bit. I have used this for over 8 years.

Bud Morrow, 'Doc', Doc's Amusement Co.




Bud Morrow Auction


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"The Living Estate of bingo Bud Morrow, King of bingo Machines Auction"
31 Bally bingo Machines, 50 "New" BGs [All bingo]













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