Troopers, feds raid 3 Shamokin businesses


Published: October 22, 2010


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Larry Deklinski/Staff Photo A federal agent carrying collapsed boxes walks into Q-Stix on East Independence Street, Shamokin,

Thursday evening. At least three locations in downtown Shamokin were raided by state and federal agents.


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Larry Deklinski/Staff Photo Two pinball bingo machines sit in the back of a truck parked by an undercover state police trooper on East Independence Street, Shamokin. According to an evidence form attached to the machines, they were confiscated as evidence from 310 E. Independence St., listed in the phone book as Daily Grind Coffee Bar.

SHAMOKIN - At least three downtown businesses were the targets of raids by state and federal officers Thursday evening.

Uniformed and undercover state troopers and officers wearing vests with the words "Federal Agents" and "IRS-CID" (Criminal Investigation Division) on them were seen for much of the evening entering and leaving Stepp's Lottery and Coffee and Q-Stix, both on East Independence Street, and Knockers Billards and Games on South Market Street.

A public information officer who approached a News-Item photographer said, "We are on official business." The officer, who would not reveal his name or agency, refused to provide any information, including what agencies were involved or what locations were targeted.

Officers traveled in several unmarked cruisers and two large moving trucks parked near the scenes.

Although agents involved in the raid provided no information, an undercover trooper with the state police parked a truck with two confiscated pinball bingo machines secured in the back near one of the scenes. According to evidence forms attached to the machines, they were both confiscated from 310 E. Independence St., the site of Daily Grind Coffee Bar. The suspect's name listed on the form was Kenneth Sikora.

For several hours, officers entered and left Q-Stix. Some officers carried collapsed boxes and briefcases, and one had a crowbar. The majority of the activity was located near the rear of the building. Across the street at Stepp's, at least one agent from the IRS was seen near the counter. At Knockers, several officers were also seen at the counter area and in the rear of the building, where several pool tables are located.

Daniel Derck, Irish Valley, Northumberland County, said he was inside Knockers about 5 p.m. when troopers and agents with the Liquor Control Board entered the building.

"I was inside Knockers playing a machine when several troopers and Liquor Control officers entered the building," Derck said. "They told me to pick up my stuff and leave."

Derck complied and went to Q-Stix, where he discovered agents were already inside.

The Shamokin Police Department said it was not part of the investigation and had no information





PSA: Bingos busted in Shamokin


22.10.2010 - 22:18

Shamokin would be an awesome name for a band.



Vic Camp

22.10.2010 - 23:06

Bad news about the Bally EM bingo's pins being taken by the cops. I am

glad to hear that the Bally EM bingo's are still out on route though

since first being produced back in 1951.The bingo pinball machine was

a follow up design of the gambling one ball horse race (payout)

pinball machines by Bally in the 1940's. Any EM pinball collectors

knows the Bally bingo's made more money than any flipper pin.I still

have 5 bingo pinball machines in my collection of 32 EM pins and

played them on routes from 1969 to 1990's in Newark NJ.Any serious EM

pinball collector should have at least one bingo pinball machine in

their EM collection.


"Josh A."

22.10.2010 - 23:16

The article says they were confiscated by the federales (IRS

division), so it may not have anything to do with the bingos being

used for gambling purposes. In the article pic, both games have signs

saying "This machine is for amusement only."



22.10.2010 - 23:32

Nice name for a band and Knockers would be a great name for.....



22.10.2010 - 23:34

Good catch. Those signs make me wonder even more.

Pusher type slot machines that award prizes and cash are popping up in

liquor and convenience stores around my city. The trinket prizes are

legal. Any quarters that fall over the ledge aren't. I heard from an

operator they started in the poorer neighborhoods. Liquor, legal

gambling (lottery), slot machines and candy bars, all under one roof.

Can't get much more convenient than that.





23.10.2010 - 08:02

61 illegal gambling machines. The pins may not have even paid out, but

everyone sure is talking about them.



"Jim D. in TN"

23.10.2010 - 12:56

Anyone know when the next Sheriff's sale is in Northumberland County,



Craig Tiano

23.10.2010 - 16:44

Someone forgot, or came up light, in their weekly donation to the

various political and police benevolent associations.


The fact that there were 2 machines involved shows how much in decline

bingo machines are. Only 10 years ago, the feds would roll into the PA

coal towns, hit 10 places, and come away with 50 machines. My

father-in-law talks about the 1960's when they raided a warehouse

owned by one of his jukebox competitors that had over 300 bingo

machines being refurbished by 10 technicians. That operation had over

1000 games out on the street, and the feds got some kind of list from

the warehouse raid and went around and got the ones that weren't

quickly moved, as well.