Certainly there are “mixed-emotions” about the 20-Hole machines and the Mystic Line games in general _ Some Ole-Dogs simply won’t play them!


…but this Bad Boy should give all the “critics pause” _ just take a look _ not 1-inch of that backglass is wasted _


~ this is a fully-featured bingo ~


Bally's BONUS 7 and I am hard pressed to think of a Bingo Pinball that will keep you on the edge of your seat like this one will.


Check out that “Tower” the “odd-or-even” game" which comes into play on the initial shots before you even start the regular game!


Payout well yeah, this thing coins up to a maximum of 576 games on the "game before the regular game", and that is truly unique to this Bingo!


Ok, get stated: Shoot the first ball, and you will get a number (on the diamonds above the numbered holes) between 1 and 6 then shoot again for a number (above the regular numbered holes) on a diamond that, when tallied together, equals "7", If... you will then have the option to advance to the "double or nothing" round. Take the 72 or double-up on the third shot...hit a red ringed hole and take your double or shoot for double or nothing...hit a yellow ringed hole and either take your winnings or shoot for...yup... you guessed it...double or nothing. If you hit a red ringed hole on this final shot...you will automatically win 576 games...all this BEFORE you even start the regular game!




_ ChaChing _








Yeah, call me Dog!











































_ Created on 01-01-2016 _