Bingo Pinballs

Created on 7-12-2010 _ Last Update 8-12-2016


_ One day I asked BingoJoe about his catalog cover and I am very glad I did! _


Joe kindly wrote back with some wonderful pictures of a bit of his cabinetwork and – Wow! – To bad they tossed out so many of those Horserace Games the cabinets are perfect for this retrofit Joe designed – A very Skilled-Craftsman and Nice Gentleman!



Joe’s Horserace Game Adaptation – Yes, that’s a full-hopper too!


Check out the game-name “Show King” – Very Nice Tribute!



~ Joe’s second designs: Cabinet & Enhanced Roller Derby ~



_ Sweet! _





Thank you Joe! – I very much appreciate your time!








_ 2016 _


Man, what a nice United !











Joe keeps teasing me about a “file drawer” full of Serial Numbers – Man, I hope I get to share it with you all,








~ Bingo Pinballs – American-Style ~



~ Go Utah ~